Driverless deliveries are here

When you book a Halo.Car for delivery downtown we now deliver it to you driverless!

The car is remotely piloted to you with nobody inside. Remote pilots at our Operations Center use video and sensor data streamed from the vehicle to remotely drive it to you.

Read about the journey to launch in our announcement blog and check out the launch video below.

The future of EVs with Halo.Car

We have been remote piloting on the roads of Las Vegas since 2019. Prior to this launch, we remote piloted with safety drivers inside the piloted vehicle who can takeover and bring the vehicle to a stop.

This driverless rollout means after completing extensive testing on our vehicle technology and safety systems we have removed the safety driver.

Learn more at our remote piloting page.

Driverless FAQ

How can I book a driverless delivery?

Availability for driverless deliveries is limited.
If your booking is selected for a driverless delivery, you will receive a heads-up on the day of delivery. You will still need to present your ID and credit card upon delivery.

We will text you when we are en route. Meet us outside to see the car roll up driverless!

Where is driverless delivery available?

Driverless delivery is currently available in the Downtown Las Vegas area seen on this map.

We currently have limited vehicles available for driverless delivery. If your booking has been selected for a driverless delivery, you will receive a notification on the day of delivery.

Is there a delivery fee for driverless?

The delivery fee in the downtown zone is discounted to $0 to celebrate driverless launch! This will automatically apply to any valid booking made downtown. Standard delivery fee applies outside the downtown zone.

Do I have to return the vehicle downtown if I got a driverless delivery?

No, you can return the vehicle anywhere in Las Vegas including outside the downtown area. As always, you just park and we will collect the vehicle. If you return the vehicle downtown, the collection may be done driverless.

Is the remote piloting technology active when I’m driving the car?

No, the remote driving technology is disabled when we hand the vehicle to you.

Who do I contact for press or media inquiries?

For any press or media inquiries, please contact our media team at or

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