A Look Back at Halo.Car's 2022

As we get hyped for 2023 we are also looking back on our team's great successes of 2022: raising $5m, launching rentals to the public, and expanding our operations by 80x. Read about some of our major milestones as we reflect on the year. 

Pushed our tech to new heights 

We started the year remote driving on the Las Vegas Speedway at 95mph for the Indy Autonomous Challenge at CES. Not only was this a huge success but an exhilarating experience. 

We drove over 450 hrs remotely, testing the ability of our drivers & tech to drive at night, in busy traffic, with poor connection, and more. Our longest continuous remote drive was over 3 hours! 

We are now testing our driverless technology on public roads in DTLV without an in-vehicle safety driver. This will push us one step closer to fully driverless deliveries for our customers in 2023

Launched our rental delivery service in Las Vegas

With approval from the Nevada DMV and the City of Las Vegas, we launched remote piloted deliveries in July in downtown Las Vegas - with rentals delivered to customers by a remote pilot. This is technology we are constantly testing and perfecting. 

In November we expanded our service area by 80x to offer deliveries across all of Las Vegas including the Strip. This has empowered our customers local and visiting Las Vegas to access an EV vehicle on demand. They are loving the service and one of our customers has booked with us 5 times in 2 months! 

Grew the Halo family of employees, partners and investors

We had the pleasure to announce our $5m seed raise, led by At One Ventures, and stacked with a host of amazing climate, AV and EV folks. Some of the other investors that supported us this year are: Earthshot, Boost VC, and T-Mobile this year. 

We partnered with great local businesses in Las Vegas such as the English Hotel, Ferguson’s Downtown, and Dream Racing. Also had the opportunity to join the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce 

Our team grew from 4 to over 20 amazing folks as we expanded the company to launch commercially in Las Vegas. We are able to bring in team members from across the country to join our mission in Vegas. Bringing new genius and skill to the office

Immersed ourselves in the community

Halo received coverage on the local, national, and international level via publications such as TechCrunch, ReviewJournal, Yahoo, PC Mag, and more. 

Relocated to a bright blue HQ building located in Downtown Las Vegas. This relocation put us in the center of our Driverless radius and of the Las Vegas valley increasing our efficiency and convenience. 

We gave 150+ partners, city officials, journalists, and tech-lovers “pony rides” to experience the car being driven remotely. Our community even has access to view remotely piloted vehicles drive through Downtown Las Vegas during a First Friday event. 

Our mission at Halo is to shift billions of miles from gas to electric by making EV’s more affordable and accessible for everyone. In 2022 we showed that customers LOVE on-demand delivery, and that we could safely remote drive on public roads. 2023: Our imaginations are the limit!