Behind the Halo: Matt Tuchscherer

Introducing Matt T., an Engineering Technician at Halo.Car, with over 40 years of experience in electromechanical engineering. His expertise lies in supporting vehicle deployment activities, particularly in the routing and managing on-board cables and wiring. At Halo, he is excited to be part of a team working on changing the paradigm of daily transportation. Matt's extensive science and technology background and dedication to addressing climate change align perfectly with Halo's mission. Join us as we look 'Behind the Halo' at Matt's unique career path and his invaluable contributions to our projects.

What is your role at Halo? 

I am a multi-discipline, Seasoned Engineering Technician, and my role is to support electromechanical engineering activities involved with vehicle deployment.

What do you work on?

My primary duties involve the routing and management of on-board cables and wiring.  However, I use my many years of experience to assist in any capacity. I am involved in redesigning the OBC (onboard computer) used in most of our vehicles.

Tell us a little about yourself - where you grew up, what you studied, and a couple of your jobs prior to Halo.

I grew up in Big Bear City, CA. After graduation from Big Bear High School, I joined the Navy and was stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI.  After leaving the Navy, I worked a few electronic assembly jobs before landing my dream job at NASA/JPL as a Senior Engineering Technician and moved to Pasadena, CA. After the NASA-wide layoffs of 2009, I wound up at CalTech for a year, eventually settling in at Hyperloop-One shortly after.

What is it like working at Halo? What excites or motivates you about working at Halo?

In my profession, being part of a highly motivated team is a privilege, and I’ve certainly experienced and appreciated that culture here at Halo.   Being involved in the grassroots level of a significant endeavor makes one feel like they’re on the verge of something big! I get that feeling here at Halo!

What attracted you to Halo when you were applying?

Halo struck me as a company that legitimately wants to change the paradigm of daily transportation.  Climate change and our precious atmosphere hold a place very close to my heart.

What is a lesson you've learned while working here?

Engineering development is the same no matter where you are.  The process takes time and energy from many people contributing together.  Here at Halo, we have the luxury of working closer together than most large companies, allowing more timely implementation of ideas.

Who is a mentor who has shaped your career?

So many people in my professional life have influenced me with different stories and reasons, but none more than the Zoltan brothers, whom I had the honor of working with for my last 11 years at JPL.
Andy and Danny Zoltan were twins from Hungary who escaped during WWII as the Germans began occupations.  Somehow, through the years, they wound up at JPL.  While they didn’t have the skills most technicians possess, their work ethic earned them the respect of everyone around.  Everyone knew and respected the Zoltan Brothers, from project scientists to the building cleaning crew to the cafeteria workers. I can only hope to follow in their footsteps.

What are some of your hobbies and interests that help you unwind?

I enjoy astronomy outreach events with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society, playing Tennis, and a quiet evening staring at our Shark Reef Aquarium.