Behind the Halo: Romario Headley, Remote Pilot and Edge Team Leader

Romario is one of Halo’s most experienced Remote Pilots and supervisor of the Edge team, our team of remote pilots that have completed the highest level of training. The Edge Team plays a key role in the testing and deployment of our remote piloting technology. When you get a driverless delivery - that’s an Edge Team pilot! 

Before joining Halo, Romario was a professional driver delivering large vehicles cross country.  As the leader of the Edge team, he faces many challenges and must be flexible to changes in his day-to-day activities. The act of creating sustainable and technical solutions for the world around him is what drives his work today. 

What do you do at Halo?

I started at Halo.Car as a remote pilot after previously working to deliver recreational vehicles to customers. This shift moved me from a customer-facing role to an operational role with a similar end goal, to provide the customer with the most efficient service possible. Since working at Halo.Car I have been promoted to a supervisory role and now oversee the Edge Team of remote pilots who deliver vehicles to customers, assist in new technology testing, and train to improve their performance. 

What is it like working at Halo?

Halo’s company culture has taught me a lot about the importance of strong leadership and maintaining a healthy work environment for myself and my colleagues. My team acts like a team, and we enjoy working together, improving our performance and culture. I also enjoy the ability to enact change and find support amongst the leadership team.

What’s the best part of being a remote pilot?

I get a lot of motivation from seeing the team's hard work result in major milestones for the company. One of my most memorable experiences at Halo was getting promoted to Supervisor on the Edge team. After 6 months of working as a remote pilot, I now oversee the training of new remote pilots and lead the Edge team as we test out the technology and our capabilities in new areas and conditions, allowing the company to expand where and how we reach customers.


What’s an example of a day in the life on the Edge team? 

As a supervisor on the Edge team, I not only guide the team but push them to grow as our operations grow at Halo.Car. Recently, we began testing for remote piloting the fleet on the Strip. This involves navigating through heavy traffic, with a high volume of cars, and encountering unique scenarios like reckless driving or unpredictable pedestrians. We prepared for this by implementing a comprehensive testing plan consisting of the most manageable routes for our drivers and assessing technical performance in these complex scenarios while building an operational strategy for the area.

What skills are essential for a proficient remote pilot?

Being a successful remote pilot means possessing qualities like composure, attentiveness, and self-control. Effective communication with my team members is crucial, along with displaying patience while the team collaborates to address challenges. It's vital not to succumb to panic or stress, especially in high-stakes situations.

Most of the team also shows skills acquired from prior sports involvement. Their honed hand-eye coordination enables quick decision-making and responses in fast-paced environments. Additionally, a solid grasp of team dynamics and the ability to coordinate within a group setting, as opposed to working as an individual, is essential.

What objectives are you currently striving to achieve in your role and career?

My current goals are to assist Halo in reaching new heights while increasing my personal skill set along with the company's growth and expansion. As Halo.Car extends its reach to new locations, I aspire to train an increasing number of our Remote Pilot Edge Team members and expand our operational capacity.

What are some of your hobbies and interests that help you unwind?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and playing and watching basketball. These hobbies help me unwind and recharge.