Las Vegas to Utah's National Parks, EV Road Trip

The weather is cool, and the canyon is calling. In this edition of EV Itineraries, we share the best route from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Bryce Canyon in Utah. Starting from Las Vegas, you can access many national parks within a day's drive, like Bryce Canyon. Some, like Zion National Park, you can visit and be home in a single day.  We’ll share the best path, including en-route charging, for both locations below. 

For additional information on preparing for an EV Roadtrip, head to our EV Road Trip Planning Guide.

LV → Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

Bryce Canyon is 263 miles and approximately 4 hours from Las Vegas. As with many national parks and wilderness spaces, the number of EV chargers diminishes and sometimes is not available at all. That is why we have mapped the best charging stations en route so you can get going on your adventure. Before heading out, we recommend starting with a full charge on your EV. At Halo.Car, we deliver our vehicles fully charged, so you’re ready to go. If you need to charge before leaving, we recommend the Electrify America App to find the nearest and most convenient charger. 

The first (optional) stop on the route is St. George, Utah. This small town is 122 miles from Las Vegas, and with a full charge, you could bypass this charger and head to stop number 2. If you plan to stop here for a meal or supplies run, park your car at the Electrify America charger and let it charge up during your stop. Keep in mind this stop has more access to food and stores than your next charge in Cedar City. 

Stop number two is at a Chargepoint station in Cedar City, UT, and is necessary for your drive in and out of Bryce Canyon National Park. This is the last charger guaranteed on your route, and the total mileage to and from the park is 180 miles. We recommend charging 100% here to ensure you are ready to explore Bryce Canyon before returning to Cedar City. 

LV → Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Utah

Las Vegas is a popular starting point for a trip to Zion. Its proximity at 165 miles and just under a 3-hour drive makes it a popular destination for a day trip. It also means you’ll only need one charge there and back to make the drive. Since the first stop in St. George is 122 miles from Las Vegas, we recommend starting with a full charge. We recommend a charge buffer when taking any road trip, especially outside populated areas.

When stopping at the Electrify America in St George we recommend visiting one of the nearby eateries, such as IHop, Red Robin, or In n Out, and allowing the car to reach at least 80%. You and the car will finish up simultaneously, both charged up for the day ahead. Once you’ve wrapped up here, you will head into Zion National Park.

The total driving distance to Zion and back to St. George is 80 miles. With an 80%+ charge, you have ample capacity to explore the many trails and viewpoints around Zion. Just keep your charge above 50 miles for the trip back to town. 

On the final leg home, you will need to stop in St. George. You can stay overnight and charge at one of their hotels or stop at the Electrify America charge station. 

We hope these routes empower and inspire you to explore further with your EV. Charging infrastructure is growing daily across the country. Don’t forget to view our Las Vegas to San Diego Itinerary and stay tuned as we create more itineraries to guide you and your EV on the next adventure.