Driverless Delivery Is Here

At Halo we've spent the past four years reimagining the future of mobility. 

Today, we're proud to announce a world first, launching driverless delivery of our EVs to customers in Las Vegas. 

In downtown Las Vegas today, you can order a Halo.Car and it will be delivered to your location by a remote pilot with no-one inside the car.

A Vision Four Years in the Making

Halo.Car started four years ago with a simple but audacious idea: what if you never had to own a car again? 

Today’s milestone to remove the safety drivers from our vehicles for commercial deliveries comes after thousands of hours of testing.

Why it matters

Our mission at Halo.Car is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric vehicles by making it incredibly easy to get an EV for a few hours or days, instead of having to buy a vehicle that ends up parked most of the time. 

Our vision is to have tens of thousands of EVs in our fleet, with remote pilots connecting to the vehicles to move them from customer to customer. 

Proving that our technology is reliable enough to remove the safety driver from the vehicle is key to making this vision commercially viable. 

We’re thrilled to be the first ever company to roll out driverless remote piloted deliveries, and to show that our vision for the future is not just possible - it’s close

Safety First

As we've journeyed towards this milestone, we’ve spent thousands of hours testing the technology and training our remote pilots. 

Our partnership with T-Mobile, and our expertise in network engineering, have enabled us to develop a reliable, real-time connection to remote piloting our vehicles. 

Our dedicated remote pilots, located in our operations center, use LTE and 5G to drive the vehicles, ensuring they reach our customers safely and efficiently.

The vehicles are followed by a ‘chase car’ who can provide secondary support and oversight to the piloted vehicle. 

Serving Las Vegas and Beyond

We’re thrilled to have the support of the City of Las Vegas and the Nevada DMV for this launch today. 

This initial launch in downtown Las Vegas is just the beginning. We plan to expand to other parts of the city, with the ambition to grow the fleet to hundreds of vehicles and begin serving other cities next year.

Get a taste

We’re celebrating today’s launch by removing the delivery fee for bookings in the driverless zone. From today bookings in downtown, eligible for driverless delivery, will have a $0 delivery fee. 

Not based downtown? You can still celebrate with us with $30 off your next booking with the code DRIVERLESS.

Get all the details on driverless delivery over at 

Today, we're not just delivering a car; we're delivering the future.