Sustainable transportation options for Las Vegas visitors

In our new series, Sustainable Travel in Las Vegas, we are tackling the best methods of travel and transportation for you and the planet. This week, we’re focusing on transportation in and around the Vegas Valley. 

When traveling to Las Vegas, many attractions, shows, hotels, and restaurants are located on the Strip, making your vacation easily walkable for most visits. But Las Vegas offers more than just neon lights and casinos. When you want to get outside the Strip, we’ve got the best options for transportation below that are easy to access and easy on emissions. Whether you visit historic Downtown Las Vegas or venture outside city limits to Red Rock Canyon, these are the best options for you and the planet.

You can see some of our favorite places outside Las Vegas here.

Las Vegas has been working for a more sustainable city via many public and private channels, including transportation. Officials with the County’s Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES), the agency that leads the All-In Clark County efforts, are creating guidelines and curated information to ensure locals and visitors can access EVs and more sustainable initiatives.

RTC & Shuttles

Shuttles are usually available if you participate in a packaged tour or attraction. Check with your tour guide if they offer transportation to and from your destination. 

RTC is Las Vegas’s major public transportation department. You can use their services for long-distance and short-distance transportation. Buses via RTC travel all over the Las Vegas Valley. Using the RTC App, you can find the best routes and times to catch public transportation for the day. There is even a line, The Deuce, that solely runs along the Strip. Recently, RTC has launched 2 Hydrogen Cell buses that have entered their transportation fleet, with an estimated seven more by 2024. These buses are a step towards a fully emission-free fleet and more sustainable operations.

See fares and pass options below:

Bus passes and fares for Las Vegas visitors

RTC Bike Share is great for those exploring downtown Las Vegas. These bikes are scattered around DTLV and can be collected and dropped off at various stations shown here. Halo.Car’s engineer, Nabeel, says, “It’s the perfect option for getting around downtown from Halo.Car HQ without worrying about parking, road closures, and vehicle traffic.”

RTC Bike Share and App

The Downtown Loop is a free shuttle servicing the exciting attractions in downtown Las Vegas. For the complete list of stops the Loop makes, visit here. The Downtown Loop is accessible and operates Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 3 to 10 p.m. With a special operation schedule on First Fridays. 


Las Vegas's sprawl and size mean rideshare options are abundant. The two major companies offering this service in the Valley, Lyft and Uber, are easy to access and have EV options. Uber provides an option like “Uber Green,” and Lyft aims to move its entire fleet to EV vehicles by 2030. You can also look forward to companies such as ZOOX releasing their own version of this soon in Las Vegas.


Carshare is not new to Las Vegas, but the latest option, Halo.Car has been serving Las Vegas for almost a year with its unique product. Just visit htttps://Halo.Car/ to order an EV delivered to your location and then drive the car where you want to go. The vehicle will come with a charge of 240 miles and starts at $10/hr or $80/day. Once finished with the car, park where it is safe and legal to be collected.

With so many ways to get around Las Vegas, there’s no reason not to explore. Using the tips and information provided, we hope you’ll choose sustainable transportation during your next visit to Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more from this series as we cover sustainable hotel and stay options next.