Halo Beta Program

Outsource driving on-demand with Halo’s remote pilots. Offer delivery to your customers with minimal effort. Join Halo's beta program today!

Email beta@halo.car to express interest.

Halo builds retrofit remote piloting technology for vehicles.

With Halo’s technology installed on a vehicle, a ‘remote pilot’ hundreds of miles away can connect to the vehicle and drive it, at speeds of up to 25mph.

We only remotely drive the vehicle with no-one inside.
Our primary use case is delivering a rental car to a customer, or moving a vehicle from one store location to another.

Halo has been developing this technology for the last 5 years. We launched remotely-delivered rental cars to the public in 2022.

Now open: beta program for rental and carshare operators.

We have just opened Expressions of Interest to our beta program for rental and carshare operators.

Rental and carshare operators use Halo’s remote pilots to deliver vehicles to customers, rebalance fleets across locations, and simplify their labor needs on-site.

The beta program gives you early access to Halo’s technology and remote pilots at a heavily discounted rate, and with priority support.

You can try out the technology in your operation and test the economic payback for yourself. We’ll work closely with you on the deployment to ensure a smooth experience.

And, we’ll have ample opportunity to promote the industry first deployment together - sharing stories to the industry, local and national press.

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How it works

We install HaloPilot on your vehicles.

You can then book a remote driver (”pilot”) anytime within operating hours to connect to your vehicle and remotely drive it to a given destination.

Pilots cost $40/hour billed in 5 minute increments.

Open to participants

- Rental operator, carshare, or other fleet operator
- Operate in California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, or Florida
- Enroll min 5 vehicles, 6 month commitment.


Free installation: We'll equip your vehicles with remote piloting tech on-site, with no fee. We’ll also remove the technology from your vehicles at the end of the beta.

Dedicated support: Enjoy white glove support from Halo's engineering and operations team throughout the beta.

Industry leader:  Be first to innovate in the industry adopting this technology and drive customer experience and operational improvements.

Target ROI of 50%+

The beta is a risk-free trial period to demonstrate the economics of remote delivery in your operations.

Fleets offering delivery are able to charge a premium for delivery, achieve higher fleet utilization, and improve repeat business rates.


Reach out to beta@halo.car to find out more.

Expressions of interest are open until May 30.

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