How to book

What if getting a rental car was as easy as getting an Uber?

No going to a location, no waiting in line. Book a car and have it delivered to your doorstep. With Halo, we deliver the car to you, and when you’re done, we pick it up from where you park.

Request a car.

Book your rental and select where you want the car delivered.

Delivered to your location.

Your Halo will arrive at the set time. It's yours to drive wherever you like.

Return anywhere in Las Vegas.

Park the vehicle when you are finished - we collect the car!
Your car comes fully charged, and you're free to drive it anywhere!

Remote delivery

Within the downtown Arts District, when you book a Halo car it will be remotely delivered to you by a remote pilot at our Halo HQ.

You can return the car anywhere in Las Vegas. If you return the car within the same downtown zone, it will be collected and returned to our HQ remotely.

Pretty cool right?

Click the image to view the delivery zone in Google Maps.

Learn more about remote piloting

Manual delivery

Across the rest of Las Vegas (shown in blue), when you order a car it will be delivered manually by a driver inside the car.

You can return the car anywhere in Las Vegas, by simply parking the car safely on the street. We come and collect the vehicle.

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Do I need to download an app? How do I book?

You don't need to download an app - in fact, we don't have an app in the App Store! You can use Halo entirely on this website. Bookmark app.halo.car to easily get to your account home page.

When can I make bookings? How long can I book the car for?

You can use the web app at any time, to can book a car for delivery between 8am-6pm, 7 days a week. You can book a Halo car for as little as 4 hours and for up to 7 days.

You can return your vehicle between 7am - 10pm by simply parking inside the service zone and ending the booking on the web app.

We ask that you park the car somewhere it can stay safely until we can collect it.

When will the car arrive?

Your car will arrive in a 20 minute window of your booking time. E.g. if your booking is set for 10am, the car will arrive between 9:50am and 10:10am.

We ask that you request the car to a location where we can safely pull over and park. If the driver can not safely stop at the location requested, they will find a park and send you their location.

When will you collect the car?

During operating hours, we will pick up the car within an hour of you ending the trip. Please park the car somewhere where the car can stay for 1 hour after the booking ends.

If you are ending a trip outside our operating hours (8am-6pm), please park the vehicle in a safe location where the vehicle can stay parked overnight.

You are responsible for any parking tickets or towing & collection costs incurred for parking the vehicle inappropriately.

What is the difference between remote and manual delivery?

If you are picking up the vehicle in our driverless delivery zone, the vehicle will arrive to you via out remote piloting technology. The vehicle will be collected this way as well.

If you are picking up the vehicle outside this downtown deliver zone, our team will manually drop off and collect the vehicle, which means a member of our team will be there to meet you. Don’t forget to say hi!

Where can I charge the car?

We recommend Electrify America for charging because they have the best availability of fast chargers, and you don't need to download an app. Find their locations here, or by searching in Google Maps or Apple Maps.

You can also go to any Chargepoint or EVgo charging station.

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